iPhone 4 digital adapter by Keeler

Digital adapter by Keeler TheĀ adapterĀ for iPhone 4 developed by Keeler has some interesting features and has proved to be good for video capturing. It is a kind of ophthalmic equipment that has excellent camera that ensures the quality of video is great. This new adapter has caught the eyes of iPhone 4 owners and it is very easy to use it. The slit lamp catches the videos within few seconds and it is the best for telemedicine. Medical practitioners can start using it for effective treatments. IT is very useful for diagnosis, patient communication, record keeping, teaching, etc. This is practically the best addition to iPhone 4 as it is very useful for eye examination and affordable at the same time. The PSL takes good advantage of iPhone 4’s imaging capabilities and helps in uploading the video clips easily.

This product can be said to be the best and the latest addition in Keeler’s products. This product is innovative ophthalmic equipment and one can use it to conduct an eye examination wherever required. This makes it even better when treating elderly, disabled, or pediatric patients. The addition of the video capturing capabilities in this ophthalmic equipment has made it more valuable. This makes it better to treat the patients and also teach the students. This high resolution ophthalmic equipment turns its PSL into a slit lamp and captures the required video. You can easily attach iPhone 4 to PSL’s eye pieces and treat the patients with ease. It can ensure effective eye examination that will deliver good results. No need to worry about the report as you can capture it and see it again and again. iPhone users will be looking to take the advantage of this equipment and use it effectively. Medical practitioners who own iPhone 4 have a nice option while treating their patients.

With the advancement in technology patient care is getting better and better. This latest addition by Keeler proves it by making it easier for the doctors. The best addition is the video capturing feature. This feature has improved its popularity and people can study the video clips for further investigations. Keeping the videos in records helps in treating the patient faster. The video records will enable the doctor to know about the condition of patient and there is also a feature that allows you to mail the video. So it a patient wants the video for his records then you can simply mail it to him. Along with these features one would be happy to know that it is very cost effective. It is always good to get something as good as this at cost affordable rates.

The PSL ophthalmic equipment is durable and lightweight. This makes it easy to use it for off-site needs. This high performance machine is very designed with perfection and is a useful addition to the world of smart phones. This development makes iphone even better and the use of smart phone in the field of patient care.


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