New developments in the world of ophthalmology

nidek-logoNidek Inc. is one of the major global leaders in the manufacturing, designing, and distribution of the ophthalmic equipment. It announces with pleasure the FDA clearance of RS-3000 Advance. The OCT system that incorporates Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope has been designed to carry out a comprehensive examination of choroid and retina. The ophthalmic equipment offers exquisite and minute details of the choroidal and retinal microstructures for assistance in a clinical diagnosis.

The features in this ophthalmic equipment include choroidal mode and this enables a detailed evaluation and examination of choroids. The minute structures inside the retina would require a broad area for scanning. The broad area scan enables a satisfactory coverage of retinal structures. The involuntary movements of the eye and microsaccades are adjusted by means of Tracing HD functionality at the time of macular line scanning. The function is carried out in order to ensure an accurate or perfect alignment that should be up to one hundred and twenty macular line scanned images to offer enhanced averaging of images. The cyclotorsion is compensated by a function for automatic registration at the time of image acquisition. This improves or enhances the quality or status of the follow up information.

Scanning at high speed, which is about 53000 A Scans per second, during acquisition along with tracing raises the accuracy. It also offers 2 additional scanning modes of higher sensitivity with tracing which should enable imaging by means of media opacities.  The device enables a seamless integration with most of the EMR systems that make use of NAVIS-EX, which is the software that files images. This networks the ophthalmic equipment along with other imaging devices by NIDEK.

NIDEK’s president, Motoki Ozawa, has maintained that they have been highly pleased to get the clearance. He expressed confidence as he stated that the quality or status of the tools for diagnosis, which are used in imaging and which assist the doctors in their diagnosis of ocular troubles and diseases, are reflected by the results.

This new and improved ophthalmic equipment has been functioned with OCT sensitivity that is selectable. The device enables the selection of OCT sensitivity between regular, fine, and ultra fine sensitivities that are based upon ocular pathology. This allows high definition image capturing at very high speeds. The TET functionality enables accurate capturing of images. This functionality ensures an accurate capturing of images by using fundus data from the SLO image. The tracing of ocular cyclotorsion is done through the feature of torsion correction added to tracing function.

The multifunctional follow-up in this ophthalmic equipment allows for the analysis of the complete information that is obtained with OCT along with an elaborate observation of the chronological change in the status and thickness of retina. The functionality has been included in order to display the pathological progression with time. The user selects two images that are displayed by comparison mode. The device also enables the customization of the structure of reports. This apart, the data collected from the individual reports of all the scan patterns can be drawn into a summary to form one single report in order to avoid the printing of multiple pages.

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