Advanced Autorefractors and Their Use

Eye examinations require proper readings and understanding the eye activity properly. The most common equipment used by huge number of ophthalmologists to get correct readings is autorefractos. This is trusted ophthalmic equipment and has been used since 1970s and makes the process very easy and fast. The eye reading is done by checking all the responses of the eye towards ray of light processes. Once the different refraction errors are understood the doctors write their prescriptions according to that.

The examination took very less time and the patient did not face any problem while going thorough the whole process. Then another examination is done after this where patient has to look at the picture and tell how clear they appear to him. Once these processes are completed then the doctor can decide the exact corrective lenses required for the patient. Young children face some difficulty while going through this process as they need to remain still for a while. But to get rid of this problem scientists are trying to develop portable autorefractors that easily adjust themselves according to different positions of the patient. The portable auto refractor can easily be carried to the place of the patient who finds it difficult in visiting the chamber of the medical practitioner.

New autorefractors are being continuously developed by some scientists and these prove to be very helpful in current field of health care. Since new portable autorefractor has made the process cost effective even people in low income group can expect to get the best treatment through this.

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