Humphrey Field Analyzer from Carl Zeiss

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Carl Zeiss has remained a leading name in the field of glaucoma care for over a long period of time. The introduction of the Humphrey Field Analyzer with GPA or Guided Progression Analysis by the company has led to a significant growth in the field of eye care. This ophthalmic equipment can be used by eye care professionals to monitor the changes taking place in the eye very closely and prevent vision loss from diseases that come with no symptoms or warning signs. The GPA software present along with the equipment helps to determine accurately the disease stage, progression rate and risk of vision loss through proper calculation of visual deterioration rate.

When it comes to automated diagnostic equipments, the Humphrey Field Analyzer finds its use increasing among eye care professionals from different parts of the world. After its introduction in the year 1984, more than sixty thousand models have already been sold. HFA II-i is the latest and highly advanced testing platform for visual field and the addition of GPA software makes it even more powerful. Vision loss occurring from glaucoma is not reversible. It is important for doctors to differentiate efficiently between patients who are benefitting present therapy and those who are not. By identifying the progress in glaucoma patients, blindness or vision loss can be prevented. This ophthalmic equipment offers all the vital information like baseline fields of the patient, progression rate, disease staging against time and latest test result on single page.

In case of disease management, diagnostics hold great importance especially when the person is affected by glaucoma. In spite of the several advances being towards ophthalmic imaging, visual field testing remains critical towards management and diagnosis of glaucoma. The prime aim of the company is to help preserve the eyesight of sixty million people from all over the globe affected with glaucoma with its highly advanced ophthalmic equipment. Every glaucoma patient can be closely monitored with this ophthalmic equipment which ensures they receive the best treatment for preventing vision loss. Humphrey Field Analyzers have continued to be a part of the glaucoma treatment procedure for more than 25 years and continue to benefit patients suffering from this deadly disorder.

Carl Zeiss is a one of the premier companies when it comes to medical technology. They have more than one hundred sixty years of experience in the field of optical innovation and focuses mainly on treating 4 main eye disorders like cataracts, vision defects, retinal disorders and glaucoma. The innovations from Carl Zeiss ranges from fundus cameras to advanced systems like Humphrey Field Analyzer. Apart from that, Carl Zeiss has made a name for itself in the field of ENT and neuro surgery with its microsurgical visualization solutions and surgical microscopes. Based in Germany, this company has remained the preferred choice of ophthalmologists and eye care professionals for its world class ophthalmic equipment. This latest discovery by Carl Zeiss has certainly paved the way for brighter future for those suffering from the deadly eye disorder, glaucoma.

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