Different Types of Eye Exam

Humphrey AutorefractorVarious types of procedures and tests are involved to evaluate and examine the eye health and vision quality. Starting from simple tests to complicated ones, eye examination constitutes the use of different equipments like phoropter, autorefractor, slit lamp, fundus camera and much more. Provided below are the various types of eye examination tests that people suffering from eye disorders have to encounter:

  • Retinoscopy – This procedure is generally used for eye glasses prescription for non-verbal patients and children. The phoropter is placed in front of the eyes and patients are asked to concentrate on some object placed across the room. The lenses are flipped continuously and light is focused on the eye by the doctor. The autorefractor is another instrument that is used for the same purpose.
  • Refraction – For exact prescription of eye glasses, doctors make use of this procedure. The phoropter is kept in the front and the patient is provided with different lens choices so that he/she might be able to choose the lens that makes the wall chart letters look clearer.
  • Autorefractors and Aberrometers – This is another tool used quite frequently by eye specialists for determination of glasses prescription. The head is stabilized with the chin resting on a place and patients are required to look at some light point or image. Image focusing on retina is evaluated with the help of autorefractor. This method is appropriate for people with difficulties in regular refraction and especially small children. Specialized wavefront technology is used by aberrometers for detection of obscure vision problems.
  • Cover Test – Among the several different techniques used by doctors for checking how both eyes work together this is definitely the most simplest. Patients are required to focus on some object placed at a distance and the eyes are covered alternately while the patient keeps on looking at the target. Subtle misalignments can be easily detected that might result in amblyopia.
  • Slit Lamp Examination – Slit Lamp is generally used for examination of eye health. Handheld lenses are used by the doctor for examining the retina. The technique is similar to that of an autorefractor.
  • Tonometry – Pressure build up inside eye can be determined by using different types of tests collectively known as tonometry. When it comes to tonometry, air puff test is quite frequently used by doctors for calculation of pressure inside the eye. The instrument known as applanation tonometer used along with slit lamp is also used quite often for measuring intraocular pressure.
  • Pupil Dilation – Dilation of pupils is carried out in order to get a good view of the eye’s internal structure normally at the back. Unlike the autorefractor, this method involves dilating drops usage and the effects can remain for long hours depending on the strength of drops used. A thorough evaluation can be carried out with this procedure which is vital to determine eye health. Once the exam is over, disposable sunglasses are offered to the patients so that they can reach home without facing any challenges.

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