Topcon reveals the additions to the latest technology

ophthalmic equipment from TopconTopcon is one of the companies engaged in the development of ophthalmic equipment. It has boosted its line of optical equipment kit with the addition of recently introduced technology. The company has also involved the Internet with the launch of i-clarity, which is a cloud based service, for storage of big data.

Smart functions, easiness in use and compactness have been the main attributes of all the ophthalmic equipment in the range of devices that was demonstrated by Topcon at the British Contact Lens Association (BCLA).

The keratometers in KR-800S series and KR-800 range have been incorporated with the touchscreen technology. Besides, they can now provide increased stability in readings due to the incorporation of rotary prism technology as well. The CA200F topographer has been enhanced with pupillometry and fluometry. Topcon has already claimed the topographer allows in-situ vision of the lenses under fluorescein. Inclusion of a fresh user interface also benefits the device, which now has intuitive workflow that allows users to assess surgery patients, especially those who have undergone post-refractive operation, quickly and easily.

Topcon also claims that it has made its newest optical coherence tomographer, 3D OCT1 Maestro, more flexible, faster, smaller and lighter. It is loaded with an array of beneficial attributes such as the ability to perform 50,000A scans every second. Besides, topography, macular measurement, optic nerve measurement, colour fundus camera, capture of OCT, auto alignment and  focus of OCT can be done by the ophthalmic equipment in one single scan.

On the other hand, TRK-2P is a 4-in-1 ophthalmic equipment that offers pachymetry, non-contact tonometry, keratometry and refraction. Topcon said that the combination of optical instruments is unusual, and therefore, described it as unique. The microscope with the SP-1P mounted at the centre and with the ability to panoramic imaging can be used for a number of purposes such as the analysis of the cells of corneal endothelium. An auto alignment system and touch panel are some of its other attributes that deserve mention.

Topcon found BCLA fit for the announcement of the Cloud edition of its practice management setup named i-Clarity too. It allows storage of data into the virtual Cloud. Thus, the security against data theft and loss of data due to malfunction of computer has been enhanced. Besides, it also eliminates the limitation of storage space.

Topcon Medical Systems (TMS) is one of the leading developers of suppliers of ophthalmic equipment. It is based in Oakland, New Jersey. The company has continued to develop technologically advanced equipment that realise the seemingly impossible ideas. It has been involved in research and development for more than 4 decades. It has a diverse product line and is one of the biggest producers of precision instruments that are used for delivery, surgical, refractive, diagnostic and imaging purposes. Its products are designed with keen consideration for practitioners’ need and are supported by dedicated service specialists. The fact that Topcon Medical Systems is a fully owned subsidiary of Topcon Corporation, Japan is an advantage and adds value to an already respected company.

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