Major Brands Dealing with Ophthalmic Equipments

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There are lots of ophthalmic equipment manufacturers in this world but selecting the best guarantees distinguished service and quality. We are one of the leading distributors of ophthalmic equipments from some of the major brands to almost every practitioner in the region. The different brands we deal with are made known in the discussion. One of the top companies is Bausch & Lomb which takes pride in the services offered. For practitioners specializing in laser surgery, the Zyoptix® is offered by us as it helps in personalized vision correction.

Products aimed for medical usage are now offered by Cannon which comes as a huge benefit for patients and surgeons. The innovative strategy along with automated digital technology planned out by Cannon has proved to be a big boon for practitioners dealing with eye related disorders. As a result of that, retinal examination is now highly efficient and offer accurate results. HAAG STREIT seems to be the popular choice of ophthalmologists and opticians as it offers the perfect solutions. It certainly stands out among ophthalmic equipment manufacturers with its world class quality. The equipments from HAAG STREIT offer precision, practicality and functionality which are preferred by practitioners all over the globe.

Another well known company is LightMed. Apart from designing and manufacturing, the company distributes its equipments and primarily emphasizes on equipments for laser treatment. The professionals from their company are thoroughly trained and experts in laser, optical, electronic and mechanical fields. NIDEK is also considered to be among the top companies which offer a wide variety of products aimed towards treating vision impairment of almost every type. When it comes to innovation, NIDEK is the name that is considered by most practitioners.

Professionals from the field of eye care have always preferred OCULUS for its implementation of advanced and innovative technology towards revolutionizing the eye care industry. The equipments offered by them help professionals to treat their patients in the best possible manner. Another company that has continuously proven itself is SciCan Ltd. They are known to produce ophthalmic equipment of highest quality and durability. Even though there are different manufacturing companies available in Canada but SciCan definitely stands out amongst its competitors.

With over 35 years in this industry, Topcon with its wide range of equipments help in different applications like surgical, imaging, diagnostic, refractive, delivery and lens processing. Precision and high quality is the trademarks of this company.

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