Vast Knowledge of Females in the Optical and Medical Sector

In the recent few years, people have seen many drastic improvements associated with Earth and humanity. Especially, world has witnessed significant contribution of the female candidates in research, innovation and development. In fact, we can never overlook the efforts, education, knowledge and expertise of ladies in optical branch. Hence, with the help of this article, we have tried to mention different contribution of females in the form of acknowledgement.

Marilyn Miller

Dr. Marilyn Miller is popularly known for giving suitable Ophthalmology treatments to the children. This is because; she is a pediatric ophthalmologist operating in the city of United States. Miller is actually the first person, obtaining recognition as the women board member of Ophthalmology Academy in United States. In addition, she is responsible for becoming the first women president for Pediatric and Strabismus Ophthalmology Association in United States. Miller specializes in the diagnosis as well as treatment of Strabismus problems of her patients.

Isabel Hayes

Similar to Dr. Miller, Dr. Isabel Hayes has given her valuable services as editor, ambassador, missionary, reporter and reformer associated with the optic sector. She has taken the responsibility of providing finance for educating her husband. At the same time, Hayes has taken several steps for proper growth of her children with the help of her income. Dr. Hayes was the first woman, who had gained knowledge ophthalmology in America and got the appointment as faculty of medical school.

Georgiana Dvorak

The contributions of Dr. Georgiana Dvorak have become very much significant in the optical sector. Firstly, she has revealed about the understanding of the anatomy behind the canal of Schlemm and its connection with the cardio vascular systems, pseudo-exfoliation of capsules of eye lens and often the location of abnormal resistance of aqueous outflow within the collector channels. Years 1915 and 1957 had remained lucky for this renowned ophthalmologist. This is because; in 1915, this famous personality has become the part of Illinois Infirmary to solve the problems of Eyes and Ears. Since then, Dr. Dvorak has remained connected with the ophthalmology service for her entire life. Moreover, in 1957, Dr. Dvorak received her prestigious award in the form of Howe Medal because of her vast knowledge in the optic sector.

Mollie Wright Armstrong

Last, but not the least, we will acknowledge the success and knowledge of Mollie Wright Armstrong, who had initially become the member of Optometry Board of Texas and later on, becomes the President of the Optometric Association in Texas.

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