Use of Autorefractors in Aoptometric Field

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Measuring refractive errors is not easy and it is always better when one gets some equipment that smoothly conducts the process. The equipment that has been most successful in doing this is autorefractor. It measures the problems in patient’s eye and prescribes the treatment required. Eye doctors find this equipment to be a very helpful and use it while studying the patient’s eye. The technique is easy, smooth and this does not give any pain.


This method does not take much time and the equipment aims at making the process simple for both doctors and patients. The doctor will make the patient sit in front of device and the chins of patient must rest of device’s chin rest. The picture being viewed to the patient should be placed over pateint’s retina and autorefractor studies the visual activity of eye and prints the reading. After this process is finished another examination is done where the patient will look at an image and tell whether it is clear or fuzzy. After optometrist gets clear readings by using different lenses they decide the prescription strength. This device will conduct whole readings on its own and does not require any verbal response of patient. Even the eminent personalities in this field of eye care consider autorefractor to be the best.

Portable Autorefractors

Portable autorefractor is surely the best innovations in recent times. The best thing about the equipment is it can be carried anywhere and the patients who have been physically unfit can get this test done through this equipment at their place.

Wave analysis through Autorefractors

Through wave front the detection capability gets better. The different aberrations of human eye are easier to detent through this feature of wave front. Optometrist find this device very useful in deciding about the contact lenses or the glasses that might be required. There are consistently new developments that come up like wave front.


Now many optometrists have started using HRK-7000 as this one helps in making the readings accurate. Companies like Huvitz are performing different analysis in through wave front technique and make some special autorefractor.

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