Getting to Know Medical Rubber

There are a lot of medical equipment and devices that are made for rubber. Rubber is ideal for medical purposes as these are odorless, easy to clean, and durable. There is a medical equipment or device for every medical condition or illness.

Vaginal Douche Sprays

The vaginal douche spray is sterilized for about four hours before it is used. In case of enema, it should be filled with lukewarm water. It is advised to use Vaseline as lubricant for the nozzle. This will then be inserted to the vagina or the anus before the rubber bulb is squeezed. This may be done for up to three times. After use, the vaginal douche spray and all its components should be washed with warm water. People need to make sure that their vaginal douche spray is made of nothing less than surgical grade rubber. This will ensure efficiency and durability. Vaginal douche sprays that are made of surgical grade rubber are very easy to use. These are durable, efficient, reliable, and it comes at a reasonable price.

Ice Bags

Rubber ice bags are very handy in a lot of different situations especially for pain and swelling relief. It mostly comes in an oval shape. Ice bags are waterproof.

Rectal Syringes

Rectal syringes should always be cleaned by flushing water in and out of it first before use. Then, the pipe should be inserted to the bulb. Squeeze the bulb right after to get rid of air. Slowly fill the bulb with water or enema mixture. Then, make sure to lubricate its tip for a more comfortable use. Insert the pipe to the rectum gently. Squeeze the bulb gently. This will release the water or solution. Disassemble the rectal syringe then clean all components thoroughly. Use mild soap and lukewarm water for cleaning. Shake with water and air-dry before storing in a cool, dry place.

Stomach Tubes

Stomach tubes are used for people who cannot eat normally because of swallowing difficulties. These are inserted into the stomach through the patient’s abdominal skin. The patient is then fed through a tube which goes straight to the stomach. This way, the food does not have to go through the mouth and the patient’s esophagus anymore. Patients who will have a stomach tube insertion are asked not to eat for about eight hours. The patient will then be sedated and given pain reliever and antibiotics through his or her vein. Local anesthesia will also be applied.


Tourniquets are used to control circulation of blood through veins and arteries. It is used just for a short period of time. Some tourniquets are self-applied, automatic, and contoured and wide cuffs. This is usually used to control and stop bleeding.

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