Canon USA To Exhibit Its Full Line-Up Of Ophthalmic Equipment

ophthalmic equipment from Canon USACanon will exhibit solutions that are designed to enhance the quality of care taken for the patient and thereby improve the techniques of diagnosis. Canon USA leads the world in digital images. The company will show a wide range of ophthalmic equipment in the Joint Meeting called by AAO, from the 10th of November to the 13th of November, 2012. The company will feature some solutions for the practitioners as well. Canon promises to provide equipments that are of the highest quality. Advancements in technology have helped the practitioners deliver an even better service as they carry out the diagnosis in much less time.

The new developments of Canon which have been demonstrated offer the practitioners an opportunity to provide advanced patient care.  The advanced and improved ophthalmic equipment enables the practitioners to detect the minutest of details in the eye, so as to deliver a more proper treatment. These equipments have now made it easier to detect the malfunctioning or troubles in the inner regions of eye which had earlier been difficult, or rather that had the least possibility. The time taken for the diagnosis has decreased by a great extent with the use of these equipment.

Those attending the annual meeting and exhibition held by Canon USA would be introduced to a new ophthalmic equipment that Canon has devised. The new autorefracting keratometer is the improved eye care equipment. The instrument comes in compact design and is much lighter. It should be mentioned that this new eye care instrument is 11 pounds lighter than the earlier version. The process of autorefraction along with keratometry is reduced by this improved instrument to one step. Thus the time consumed is far less while the result delivered is more accurate.

The Digital Mydriatic or Non-Mydriatic for detecting the retina offers five modes of photography that include red-free, color, Fluorescein Angiography, cobalt as well as Fundus Autofluorescence. The users can click one shot photo of the epithelial layer of retina, the configuration of which is standard. The mydriatic camera for retina is a high definition camera. The camera offers high resolution. This digital camera detects the retina and ensures convenience in usage for the users. This ophthalmic equipment is used in red-free, color, as well as fluorescein angiography. The non mydriatic digital camera for retina is light-weight equipment. Its design is compact so that it takes minimal space at the office.

With the RICS, the software for controlling the retinal imaging the user can create, store, view, as well as process the images. This high definition retinal camera also allows local and network storage. The images are exported in the .DCM, .TIFF, or .JPEG format for the medical records as well as a hard copy can also be taken out as when necessary. The tonometer which is fully automatic is essentially an equipment based on non contact technology. It is lightweight ophthalmic equipment making it convenient for transportation and installation.

The Canon USA has been the recipient of Reader’s Choice Award in the field of Service and Reliability in categories of printer and digital camera for nine consecutive years.


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