New product launch by Topcon Medical Systems

ophthalmic equipment from TopconNovember 12, 2012 – Topcon Medical is one of the largest developers of ophthalmic equipment and is going to launch new products in AAO. The company is expecting to get a good response and make a good product for the practitioners. Sam Ogino the president of the company said that the goal of the company is to set new standards and improve the quality of treatments. The new products are as follows:

DRI OCT-1 Atlantis

This is an OCT that is built for a posterior imaging and has wavelength of around 1050 nm. It can perform scan at great speeds that produces 100,000A scans per second. The scanning speed enables the system to penetrate deeper and perform much better. This ophthalmic equipment not only visualizes retina but can also the other ocular tissues like Choroid. It helps in easily imaging cataracts and media opacities. This process of invisible scanning reduces the movement of patient’s eye and increases the success of examination.

PASCAL® Synthesis™**

This is a dual pattern scanner that sleek lamp adapter. It is available in 532nm and also 577 wavelengths. It enables the physicians to use PASCAL technology without changing the current settings in their laser. The innovative technology and compact design of this ophthalmic equipment makes it the best for any operating room or outpatient department. It makes the process easier for physicians by helping them change from laser probe to LIO without making any changes in the connections. It has an intuitive touch screen and is updated with some advanced features. The physician can make pattern selection, store treatment presets, adjust macular grids, etc.

Topcon CT-1

It is fully automated equipment and the updated make the equipment good for treatment. The combination of soft air puffer and new chin rest provides better comfort to the patients. With this ophthalmic equipment corneal thickness can easily be measured through pachymetry. It makes the IOP adjustment easier and its rotating touch screen monitor enables to get small foot print as compared to the traditional ones. It gives you full control over the equipment at any position near the patient.


This is ophthalmic equipment that integrates reports and images from the Topcon. It helps to easily view and compare images securely


This equipment helps in controlling tablet with the feature of wireless refraction. Its wireless feature helps in getting flexibility and enables the users to quickly export, import, and examine.

About Topcon Medical

Topcon Medical is a company based in the city of Oakland and is one of the largest distributors of ophthalmic equipments.  It has been in this field for more than 40 years and has been developing many innovative products.


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