iExaminer To Change Ophthalmic Treatment Procedure

A significant development in ophthalmology was recently made by combining ophthalmic technology along with iPhone. Welch Allyn, a big name in medical diagnostic manufacturing field introduced the iExaminer which supports different iPhone models to execute ophthalmic tests. The hardware as well as the software of iExaminer ophthalmic equipment serves variety of purposes like capturing eye images, storing them or sending and retrieving them from iPhone 4 as well as iPhone 4S. Ophthalmologists can use iExaminer along with the PanOptic ophthalmoscope to view fundus area or the retinal nerve conveniently as the image gets magnified up to twenty six percent as compared to conventional ophthalmoscope.

High resolution pictures of the retinal nerve or fundus area can easily be taken with the assistance of iExaminer. Captured images are easy to send through email by suing the iExaminer software. The hard copy of every image is easily available in the form of printouts. Accessibility issue is a major concern of ophthalmic equipment that is solved to a large extent by iExaminer if iPhone device is available. The innovation will undoubtedly revolutionize eye treatment as the combined use of PanOptic and iExaminer will allow transferring images from ill-equipped clinics to advanced clinics for analysis. A huge amount of money as well as time is saved in the process

iExaminer inventor, Wyche Coleman established the significance as well as efficiency of his device through an incident. In his recent visit to Africa, Dr. Coleman got a chance to take picture of fundus area of a local inhabitant through iExaminer without any ophthalmic equipment. After taking the image, he sent it to a doctor in U.S from the very same location (Mt. Kilimanjaro). The doctor received the info and used it to study and examine which was hardly possible if iExaminer had not been available. This incident proves the effectives of such devices especially when there is an emergency.

Apart from full eye exam, the iExaminer also helps in examining pupils, visual acuity, visual fields, ocular motility, cobalt blue light and intraocular pressure. Wherever there is a network connection, photos can easily be printed out wirelessly. Imaging session of the patients can be provided with high quality images by using iExaminer. Although the device is not available everywhere but hopefully it will be released worldwide quite soon. No one would have thought that cell phone devices could be of such huge benefits apart from offering different modes of communication.

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