New Tonometer from VSI

Ophthalmologists and Optometrists use varieties of equipments in their clinics. However, Non Contact Tonometer might be equipment which everyone knows about. A Tonometer is a device that is used to take intra-ocular pressure readings. The new tonometer from VSI which is named Topcon CT80 has made certain fantastic innovations to make the design of the device more comfortable than most other models and safer for tests. 

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The alignment bars of this tonometer are new. The air cylinder is also remodelled. CT 80 non contact tonometer requires shorter periods between two measurements. These subtle changes have the potential to provide considerable ease to patients. Besides, they also allow medical experts to check-up more patients daily. However, it should not be assumed that only these innovations are included in this device. 3 Safeguards of safety functions have been have now been added to the device. Settings can be changed from manual measurement to automatic measurement. There are also dual sensors and one printer. Moreover, the TV monitor enables experts to have an easy view. The device can print 3 measurements for each eye.

The distance of patients from tonometer can be easily adjusted with the help of safety stopper before the examination is conducted. The error indicator has clear readings. The chin rest is adjustable to 68mm. The device is powered by AC and runs between 10°C & 40°C of temperature.

This tonometer is better than the rest and so, it is significantly different from other tonometer models. This device gives a fresh appearance to various aspects and features of tonometers instead of just rehash of previous models. The room for innovations in optometry might have been thought to have diminished but Topcon proves the situation is otherwise. Experts who are involved with optometry or ophthalmology are always in search for modifications in the way they do practice their talent.

Optometrists should seriously consider the ownership of this non contact tonometer to enhance the experience of their practice and provide service of such high standards to their visitors. Updated equipment reflect high standards of services and words regarding these spread rapidly. Patients prefer to visit clinics that are updated to the latest technological advancements and doctors who are well versed with modern researches and innovations. New Tonometers may reflect care and provision of good service to people and establish or further raise the reputation of the clinic and the practitioner.

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