Making use of Portable Tonometer

Tonometer measures the IOP or the intra ocular pressure of people. Ocular pressure is measured to check how much a person is at the risk for suffering glaucoma. Ophthalmic equipments, in the earlier times, could be possessed only by the ophthalmologists. With advancement of technology, there were introduced portable tonometers. Immediately following this innovation people started keeping the tonometers at home. This innovation calls for a better usage of this equipment.

The use of tonometers requires a certain amount of expertise. With the efforts to reach tonometer to the houses of the general public, the public check-ups have been caused much inconvenience. Quality of that data which is obtained becomes more uncertain with the more general use of tonometers. It is not practicable that every individual would be equally skilled and equally educated. A sane person will, most naturally, consider the procedures for obtaining the data which would ultimately determine the condition of the patient’s eyes. People often practise self tonometry. There are certain factors that influence the buying of a tonometer. The factors include data accuracy, convenience in use, portability and the cost.

Most of the people who are bent on practicing tonometry have an inclination toward cost and the portability of this equipment. A layman would, first of all, look into these factors.
People who desire to practice tonometery by themselves must acquire some of the necessary skills, because tonometry requires expertise. But this does not imply that technology overtakes medical science. The tonometers are built with such technology as can determine the diseases of human eye such as glaucoma. While using the ophthalmic equipments at home, one needs to make sure that the working of the equipment is proper. If it happens otherwise, entire motive of creating portable tonometers will be rendered futile because the data obtained would not be fit.

There is a solution to the problem and it may be found in both the people and the device. The only condition where tonometry can deliver right results is that it should function automatically. The data which is obtained following skill of user would not be as accurate. It will not be much useful when the tonometers are developed with the assistance of technology without imparting proper training to users as to the correct usage of this equipment. With the achievement of these objectives, the tonometers are bound to give correct data.

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