The Benefits of Autorefractor

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The autorefractor machine helps in measuring the refraction of the eye during eye exam. It is computer controlled and the visual activity can be closely monitored with the help of this process. Ophthalmologists have always preferred this device and it has been in use since the early 70’s. It is easy to record the differences in eye activity when light is focused on the eye. Once refraction error has been identified, glasses or contact lenses are prescribed by the doctor to the patient.

The overall process of automatic refraction is quick, painless and simple. The chin of the patient should be rested in such a way so that the refraction can be measured easily. The patients are required to keep one eye focused on specific pictures within the machine. The pictures move constantly which helps the autorefractor to record the retina changes. Different readings are recorded by this device and the average is provided so that the prescription can be formed by the doctor. This is not at all a lengthy process and within seconds the accurate measurement can be recorded. It is possible to print out the reading in prescription or share it within the system.

Once the readings have been taken, an examination is conducted where the patient is provided different pictures to look at and tell whether they appear clear or fuzzy. The patient can try different lenses for further determination of prescription strength. It proves to be a difficult process for people with developmental disability and small children. However, the autorefractor has made this process quite easy where everything depends on light refraction. One of the major benefits of using such a device is that it does not require pupil dilation.

For small children, the process is not easy as they cannot remain still for longer periods and that is the reason why scientists came out with some new invention to make it easy. The portable devices that were developed have significantly made the whole process easy. Eye examinations have become quite easy with the advent of autorefractors. People who cannot visit doctor’s chamber can now get their preliminary examination done by this device. Apart from this device, the aberrometer is another device that can measure refraction from different views. These devices speed up eye examination procedures to a great extent and help in providing accurate results. Ophthalmologists as well as patients are benefitting a lot from these advanced equipments.

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